March 24, 2020


Waterloo Train Station


Nada Abusaleh and Viktorija Kovac

Throughout the Festival Check out #TheBPartyatFemmeFolksFest for sightings!

Drinks with The B Party
Drink the pink Kool-Aid with Nada and Vik. Let’s chat about Barbie. What has she really done for us in the last 60 years? If in a rush? Visit our cute Instagram corner to snap a pic for your feed. Popping-Up pre and post performances during Femme Folks Fest.

Accessorize with The B Party
How has Barbie shaped us in the last 60 years? Visit The B Party – Pink Table to get the inside scoop on what an accessory can weigh in our Barbie world. In a rush to catch a show? Stop by our cute Instagram corner and snap a pic for your feed. Popping-Up pre and post shows during Femme Folks Fest.


12pm-1:30pm March 29

Visitor Centre/Old Train Station
10 Father David Bauer Dr, Waterloo, ON N2L 6M3

Celebrate with The B Party Pop-up Performance Installation
It’s Barbie’s 61st birthday! Can you believe it? Visit us to learn about how to play with Barbie dolls intergenerationally in 2020. No disrespect to your grandmother’s playdates: come re-discover how Barbie impacts us today. The B Party will be documenting your special experience (with your permission). Join us for lots of fun and Instagrammable pics for your feed.
This is an inclusive event for all-ages.


Who is The B Party?
The B Party is a fictional private consultation firm made up of two theatre artists, Nada Abusaleh and Viktorija Kovac. It is based on a 2017 performance creation in response to the Women’s March on Washington. The duo play and perform fictionalized versions of themselves while sharing their personal stories as immigrant women to facilitate a marketing presentation of the iconic doll. The B Party is produced by Cosmic Fishing Theatre (@CosmicFishing), an experimental independent theatre company based in the Waterloo Region. Cosmic Fishing Theatre wishes to thank the Ontario Arts Council, Nightwood Theatre (Toronto), and Femme Folks Fest for the support of their festival pop-up special events which are a part of their ongoing research and play development process.