PEST ME PET ME by Animacy Theatre Collective

Created & Performed by Morgan Johnson & Alexandra Simpson
Directed by Heather Marie Annis

7pm MARCH 10-11

28 King St N, Waterloo, ON N2J 2W7

Lock your trash bins and oil your drain pipes. Raccoon is QUEEN. Pest Me Pet Me follows two raccoons who face off with two female roommates undergoing a suspicious renoviction from their downtown Toronto apartment. United by ongoing compost bin wars and raccoon Instagram funerals, the two species find themselves with more in common than previously thought. Pest Me Pet Me is a physical theatre, research-based play that explores themes of displacement, female rage, and housing and work precarity in Toronto through raccoon-human relationships. This work aims to address the multitude of stereotypes, judgements, and limitations attached to certain species, genders and sexualities through physical exploration, satire and comedy.

Animacy Theatre Collective wishes to thank the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) for their support. Animacy Theatre Collective is proud to be a company in residence at Generator.

Please note: This piece contains mature content and themes, including sexual content, strong language and implied violence. Recommended for ages 16 +