6:00-7:30 PM MARCH 11

Presenting with Cosmic Fishing Theatre. Co-Artistic Leader Viktorija Kovac is a past attendee of the Banff Centre Puppet Theatre Intensive, a collaborative 2-week workshop where participants built, created, and collectively explored new facets of their work with the focus on discovery. We invite you to sit with us at our table to share, listen and learn.

All events require a Femme Folks Fest Pass. If you are able during these unprecedented times, we kindly suggest a donation of $50.
All Femme Folks Fest donations will be directed to local artists.

Founded in 2015, Cosmic Fishing (@cosmicfishing) is a project-based theatre collective based in Waterloo, Ontario that employs and collaborates with culturally diverse, next generation, and regional artists. Its artistic leads are Nada Abusaleh and Viktorija Kovac. The name of the collective, Cosmic Fishing, is our metaphor for intuition as a source of creative knowledge. Our mission is to amplify womxn’s artistic voices in experimental theatre-making.

Cosmic Fishing divides its creative work between innovative adaptations of plays with established production histories, and creating original performances and events. We view adaptation and reinterpretation as crucial to the director-creator’s craft, specifically for womxn and immigrants.

For us, experimental theatre is a chance to uncover one’s artistic self and vision through a deepened investigation of performance aesthetics and form. Puppetry, as a specialized art for, offers a chance to build exciting worlds and novel theatrical experiences for audiences of all ages. Puppetry and object theatre is experimental and collaborative in nature, and expands a project’s performance vocabulary when integrated. There are traditions to spring off of, or you can track onto new horizons: it’s a constant meeting of worlds!

Viktorija Kovac
Nada Abusaleh